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About Law Office of Paul Corrigan III


POSITION: Sole Practitioner


  • Born in Orange, California June 30, 1945
  • Grew up on Long Island, New York
  • R.I. Special Forces Group (1967 - 1973)
  • Three children and five grandchildren


  • Chaminade High School, Mineola,New York - graduated 1963
  • Providence College (B.A. in Economics 1967)
  • Rhode Island College and University of Rhode Island (1968 - 1977)
  • Received teacher certificate
  • Suffolk University Law School (Juris Doctorate 1977)
  • Mediation Training - Court Certified Mediator


  • Sole Law Practice 1978 - 2010
  • R.I. Legislative Counsel 1988 - 1996
  • Providence School Department - Physical Education Teacher 1968 - 1978
  • Swift & Co. Driver, Meat Packing 1967 - 1968


  • Chairman Mt. St. Charles, Manhattan on the Hill (2 years)
  • Prayer Group Leader - Elmhurst Extended Care Facility (20 years)
  • Prayer Group Leader - Briarcliffe Nursing Facility (5 years)
  • North Providence West Little League Coach (6 years)
  • St. Augustine School - PTA President (2 years)

Heidi Rogers

Heidi has been working with Attorney Corrigan as a Legal Assistant for over 20 years.


It is not always necessary to litigate. Litigation is costly and should only be pursued if the benefits exceed the costs. Never pay a lawyer more than what you will receive in return.

Please do not call if you are hoping to "take someone to the cleaners" or to "rake someone over the coals". Rhode Island's Family Court Judges and Magistrates are very fair and work within certain parameters within which cases are generally decided.

I do not give Guarantees. Beware of Guarantees.

Bullies should not be rewarded in a divorce. Physical and emotional abuse often cause people to "walk away with nothing or next to nothing", so as not to antagonize an abusive spouse. I will try to discourage anyone walking away with nothing or next to nothing.

Marriages and divorces, although very different, are both important. Only you will know which is best for you. I will not encourage or discourage decisions made to marry, remain married or divorce. I will give you my best advice when you have made your decision.

Do not hesitate to let your attorney know if you and your spouse decide to reconcile or to attempt reconciliation.


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  • 33 Years Experience
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  • Exclusively Focuses On Family Law
  • Certified Mediator